About Me

I love fashion, but not for the pretty dresses or fancy runway shows.  Fashion for me has always been about design and aesthetic and is more of an art form.  I see silhouettes, textures, and colors, rather than labels or price tags.  My passion began at a young age when I would wake up early to watch Fashion TV and Fashion File as opposed to cartoons like most children.  I created this blog to share my knowledge of fashion terminology, merchandising, and history.  I will also throw in some of my favorite up-and-coming independent designers as well.

This blog has since evolved to help express my thoughts on the nature of the fashion and beauty industry as a whole.  I love to  discuss controversial issues, such as body image  and beauty standards.  I strive to capture all of my hits and misses to share with my readers.  I try to maintain a minimal uniform, but often get distracted by statement pieces involving exotic skins, fur, or feathers.

Occasionally I’ll give you a peek into my life, whether it be my travels, baking adventures, or everyday perspective.  I hope you feel right at home here on my blog.  I aim to have a friendly demeanor and invite  you in all with welcome arms and a big smile.  Thank you for taking the time to read this.  It means the world!

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