D-Tach Brush Review

Jan 15

The one thing I have yet to master is a blow dry. With a load of thick hair, it takes forever. Add in a lack of coordination and arm muscles, and you’ll see my problem. I was then introduced to the D-tach brush and had high hopes.

Here’s the premise: it’s a round brush with a detachable roller that you can leave in your hair to help the curl set. Sounds great, right? Well, I like to stay positive and only feature products that I really love, but this one was a slight disappointment. I’ve tried it a few times now and I either seem to be doing something wrong or it just doesn’t work.


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Pros: It’s lightweight and has ion technology to give you more conditioned, smooth hair. The magnet is strong, so you don’t have to worry about the roller popping off on its own.

Cons: For one, the bristles scared me. They were a little too rough for my already damaged hair. Secondly, the roller wouldn’t stay in my hair after I detached it.  Next, you have to have multiple brushes to finish the blowdry in a timely manner. Since I only had one brush to try, it took more than 30 minutes to finish. And lastly, the brush got caught in my hair a few times.

Overall, I think it would be a good choice if you have thick, course hair that can take some tough love. I also think this is a product for someone more experienced in blow dries. For a novice like myself, it was too overwhelming.

Would you try the d-tach brush?

  • Jessica

    I haven’t tried a d-tach brush and I likely won’t after reading this. I try to not dry my hair too often because it really starts making my hair frizzy but it is so hard to not do it when the weather is super cold.

    Tracy @ Sunny
    Days and Starry Nights

    • blackblondeone

      I know what you mean. I try to stay away from from heat in general but a good blow dry can last nearly a week for me. Here’s to hoping I’ll conquer it one day!

  • Kim A.

    Ummm, no! LOL I’m trying to grow out the little hair I do have! HaHaHa Thanks for being honest Lindsay.

    • blackblondeone

      Of course! I can’t wait to see what your hair will look like long!