Dream Vacation Beauty

Feb 12


With all of this nasty weather lately, I’ve been daydreaming about vacation. As much as the husband and I would love to go, we’re currently in saving mode. I guess that means I’ll be stuck in daydream land for a while! The one place I’ve always wanted to go is Malta.  It’s a small set of islands on the southern tip of Italy. It has the culture and food of Italy, but also the serenity of quite beaches. It’s also apparently where the Europeans go on vacation, so it must be good right?


What would I be doing in Malta? I would love to just be a tourist, eat amazing food, and taking in of all of the wonderful historic places. Of course I would love to have my #HTCOneX handy for easy photos and memorable moments that need to be recorded. I would also need to use my Currency Converter app and learn some Italian on our flight over on the Busuu app! #TroopOneX Some of my top spots to photograph? St. Paul’s Shipwreck in Valletta. The Hypogeum, an underground necropolis, in Paola (Image above, Via). And of course I would have to go to the National Museum of Fine Arts!


And let’s not forget the food! Apparently it’s similar to Italian cousine, but more Mediterranean in ingredients. I wouldn’t want to miss the Marsaxlokk Fish Market or their traditional kannolis (Image above, Via)! And to continue to walk off all of those calories, I would love to see some of the famed Medieval chapels and the natural fields of wildflowers. Lastly, I couldn’t leave with going to the Mdina Glassblowing Factory. I’ve heard it’s one of the last of its kind and you can watch the process from start to finish!



Apparently Malta is also quite a stylish spot with their own Malta Fashion Week! So how would I stay stylish while on vacation? Well, luckily I have a go-to style regimen to share with you! While on vacation, I find the best method is to keep things easy and stress-free. I also like to make sure I look presentable, so I don’t get the typical tourist stamp where I can be overcharged, mocked, or taken advantage of. My go-to is the classic french twist that requires less than 5 bobby pins, even for thick hair! I filmed the basics with my #HTCOneX.


Where is your ultimate destination?



  • Sarah Hartley

    I’ll go to Malta with you!

    • blackblondeone

      We should! If only we were rich…

  • Kim A.

    Anywhere in EUROPE! Don’t feel bad Lindsay, I’m in saving mode too. HAHAHA

    • blackblondeone

      Ahhh I’d love to backpack through Europe!