Life Update

Mar 29

Well, after a few weeks of moving and getting settled, I’m back. Things have been hectic, as you could imagine with a cross-country move. We found a lovely apartment, with our own washer and dryer, a pool, hot tub, a giant walk-in closet, and a bbq pit. We’re also really close to everything, which makes things much easier when you’re moving to a new city. Since we’ve been here, we’ve found some lovely restaurants (Chen Z, Round Rock Donuts) and I’ve been able to meet up with some great blogger friends (Donna from Discount Thief and Catherine from Walking With Cake)!




When we arrived, we were right in the middle of SXSW happenings. As much as I would have loved to attend some of the fashion events, I didn’t have the time after the job search. On that note, things are going well and I’m happy to report that I found a job! In general, I’m just trying to find my place and settle into a new routine. You may have to excuse me while I find my rhythm and figure out where I’m headed with this blog in terms of content and posting frequency.  I hope all has been well with you! I’ve missed everyone!

  • Sarah Hartley

    Your apartment looks great and it sounds like you’re adjusting quite well!

    • blackblondeone

      Thanks, Sarah! Slowly but surely we’re getting there!

  • Kim A.

    Welcome back Lindsay! I missed you doll! The apartment looks spectacular! I love the decor. Congratulations on the new job! Fabulous you’ve linked up with blog buddies :D Have a Happy Easter beautiful!

    • blackblondeone

      Thanks, Kim! We’re still decorating but I figured it would be nice to have an update. Have a great Easter as well!

  • Amber

    Glad you are getting settled in!!! Love the new place :)

    • blackblondeone

      Thanks, Amber! I hope all is well!

  • Elissa

    Yay! Your place looks great. Hope you’re loving Texas!

    • blackblondeone

      Thanks, Elissa! I do like it so far!

  • miss donna

    i’m honored that even though you were busy juggling everything (which you did ever so gracefully!), you found time for us to meet in person. who would have imagined a year ago when we met on twitter that we’d become neighbors!