Skin Detox

Jan 16

Just because my cleanse went horribly doesn’t mean I’ve banned all detoxes. About once a month, I try to really get a deep clean on my face. As much as I’d love to do monthly facials, my budget doesn’t quite allow it. I always start with a toning mask and move to on to a super hydrating serum to really get results. While my routine changes month by month, this by far is my best choice yet!

I’ve recently been reading about the benefits of greek yogurt, as well as honey, so I thought I’d incorporate it into a mask. It turns out, I’m not alone in this idea! To complete the mask, you just need to add rosewater (I use this one!) for the toning aspect. It leaves your skin feeling light and refreshed. Most of all, I love that this mask smells wonderful!


After you’ve cleansed and toned your face, you want a ultra-moisturizing serum. I found great results with LAFACE Hydrating & Purifying Serum (c/0)! With vitamins A, B, C, D, & E, it really gave me everything I could ask for. It comes in an oil forms, which I definitely prefer these days. You don’t need a lot because it will do the job well! It even helps stimulate natural moisturizers in your skin, which means you’ll be left with super soft skin for at least a week or more.  I would also recommend using it either at night or when you have time to relax. It should feel like a spa experience, after all!

Do you have a detox program for your skin?


  • Kim A.

    I don’t, so this intrigues me! Sounds like a delightful treat for your skin. I will have to try it. Thanks Lindsay!

    • blackblondeone

      It’s so great to boost dull skin or super dry skin during the winter. I find that a monthly remedy definitely helps!