Join in on the fun! Lindsay offers insightful fashion commentary, beauty tutorials, and a little dash of her Austin lifestyle!

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    Life Update

    Mar 29

    Well, after a few weeks of moving and getting settled, I’m back. Things have been hectic, as you could imagine with a cross-country move. We found a lovely apartment, with our own washer and dryer, a pool, hot tub, a giant walk-in closet, and a bbq pit. We’re also really close to everything, which makes [...]

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  • lac2

    I Need Some Sneaks!

    Mar 21

    You know how I always write down what I’m missing in my closet? Well, lately it’s been a good pair of sneakers. While I have my running shoes (that definitely have a lack of attention), I don’t have a stylish pair that I can use for those days that I just need to be comfortable. [...]

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  • ever3

    On The Bag Search

    Mar 14

    I feel like I never got over my whole crossbody obsession. Especially now that we’re in Austin, I feel the need to keep my style more low-key and relaxed. I also love the idea of being hands-free while shopping, taking walks, or just running errands. Luckily I was introduced to some great evening bags that [...]

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